Absolutely Stunning Modern Luxury Tiny House From High Rents to Dreamy Escape


High rents and expensive housing situations have become a growing concern in the Bay Area. In this challenging environment, a couple in California decided to take matters into their hands and build a luxury tiny house as an escape from the financial burden and seek alternative housing options.

Main Keyword: The couple in California built a luxury tiny house to escape high rents and expensive housing in the Bay Area.

Journey from High Rents to Tiny House Dream

Faced with the reality of spending $30,000 annually on rent, the couple sought a more affordable and fulfilling living solution. With a passion for travel and exploration, they envisioned a home that would not only serve as their primary residence but also generate income to support their adventurous pursuits. This vision led them to the world of tiny houses, compact dwellings that offer a blend of comfort, sustainability, and affordability.

The couple spent months researching and planning before embarking on their journey to build their dream tiny house. They were determined to create a space that not only met their needs but also reflected their personal style and values. And thus, Essure was born.

Essure: A Home Away from Home

Their tiny house, aptly named Essure after their daughter, embodies their dream of a comfortable and liberating lifestyle. Measuring 300 square feet, the thoughtfully designed space accommodates their family of three and provides ample amenities for their day-to-day needs.

Essure serves as both their home for one-third of the year and a rental property for the remaining two-thirds, funding their travels. This unique setup allows them to experience different places and cultures while still having a stable source of income.

The Design Process


The couple worked closely with a professional tiny house builder to bring their vision to life. They wanted a modern and luxurious feel to their tiny house, without compromising on functionality and sustainability.

The design process involved multiple iterations and careful consideration of every inch of space. The couple wanted to make sure that every aspect of their tiny house served a purpose and contributed to their overall goal of comfortable living.

Functional Design for a Comfortable Living

The interior of Essure showcases a well-planned layout that maximizes space and functionality. It features a separate room for their daughter, ensuring privacy and a dedicated space for her to grow and play. The room is equipped with a loft bed, storage space, and a window for natural light and ventilation.

The main living area consists of a spacious kitchen with high-end appliances, including a gas stove, full-size refrigerator, and a dishwasher. The couple loves to cook, and the kitchen in Essure allows them to do so without feeling cramped or limited.

The bedroom, located on the second level, offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape through large windows. It also has ample storage space, including a closet and built-in shelves. The bed is situated on a raised platform, providing additional storage space underneath.

The bathroom is compact yet functional, featuring a composting toilet, a shower, and a sink. The couple opted for eco-friendly options wherever possible, such as using reclaimed wood for the countertops and installing energy-efficient appliances.

Unique Features of Essure

Essure stands out from other tiny houses due to its unique features that add to the comfort and luxury of the space.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

One of the most striking features of Essure is the garage door that opens up to the outside, expanding the living space and allowing for indoor-outdoor living. This feature is crucial in California’s climate, where the weather is pleasant year-round, and outdoor living spaces are highly desirable.

The couple enjoys spending time on their deck, which serves as an extension of their living room. They have a comfortable seating area, a dining table, and a grill, making it the perfect spot for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a cup of coffee while taking in the beautiful views.

High-End Finishes

The couple spared no expense when it came to the finishes in Essure. They wanted their tiny house to feel luxurious and high-end, and they achieved that through careful selection of materials and finishes.

The kitchen features quartz countertops, custom cabinets, and high-end appliances. The bathroom has a marble sink and a rainfall showerhead. The bedroom has hardwood floors and a plush carpet, adding to the cozy and comfortable feel of the space.

Smart Home Technology


Essure is equipped with smart home technology, allowing the couple to control various aspects of their tiny house with just a touch of a button. They can adjust the temperature, turn on lights, and even lock the doors remotely using their smartphones.

The couple also installed solar panels on the roof, providing them with a sustainable and cost-effective source of energy. They have a backup generator for days when there is not enough sunlight, ensuring that they never run out of power.

The Cost of Building a Luxury Tiny House

Building a luxury tiny house may seem like an expensive endeavor, but the couple was able to keep the costs under control by being involved in every step of the process. They sourced materials themselves, which saved them money, and they were able to negotiate better deals with suppliers.

The total cost of building Essure was $150,000, including all the finishes and furnishings. While this may seem like a significant amount, it is still significantly less than what the couple would have spent on rent in the Bay Area over the years.


The journey from high rents to a dreamy escape in the form of a luxury tiny house has been a life-changing experience for the California couple. Not only do they have a beautiful and functional home, but they also have the freedom to travel and explore the world without worrying about their finances.

Essure serves as an inspiration for those looking to escape the high costs of living in urban areas and seek alternative housing options. It proves that with careful planning, creativity, and a willingness to think outside the box, one can create a comfortable and luxurious home in a tiny space.

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