The 5 best tiny houses:That’ll Have You Trying to Move in ASAP

The 5 best tiny houses:That’ll Have You Trying to Move in ASAP

This young family’s lifestyle in a tiny house is primarily driven by their desire to minimize their impact on the environment. Living in a small space has made them more conscious of their consumption habits, leading them to adopt a zero waste lifestyle and eliminate single-use plastics. Additionally, Mark, a Vegan chef, has utilized the financial freedom of living debt-free in a tiny house to launch his own plant-based popup restaurant.

For those who are passionate about film and television, this tiny house may be the perfect fit. Erin and Jake, a dynamic young couple, took on the task of designing and constructing their dream tiny home on wheels. Their creation boasts an array of clever design features, such as a spacious loft that doubles as a home theatre.

Erin, an architectural technician with a background in interior design, was able to showcase her skills through this project. She also took on the majority of the building work for the tiny house. Thanks to their brilliant design choices, this home is not only functional with all the necessary amenities, but also includes clever additions like a fold-out dining table in the kitchen and a unique double loft design that allowed for the inclusion of the movie theatre – a must-have for Jake, who works in the film industry. Take a full tour of this spectacular tiny house on wheels and see for yourself.

The Arkiboat, a tiny floating house boat, offers the perfect combination of the freedom of tiny house living and the tranquility of life on the water. This unique living solution was created by Ian Ugarte in collaboration with architect Drew Heath, with a focus on strength, lightness, and an architectural aesthetic that embraces the surrounding environment. The compact design allows for both comfortable full-time living and efficient travel at sea. Whether moored on a swing mooring or at a marina, the self-contained boat is equipped with all necessary holding tanks and operates completely off-grid, utilizing solar power to take advantage of Australia’s abundant sunshine.

This week, we will be exploring a beautiful and modern small home that was built using three 20ft shipping containers. Located near Lake Taupo in New Zealand, this house sits on an elevated section with breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The popularity of shipping container homes continues to grow due to their sturdy structure, making them a great option for challenging building sites. With some creativity, these containers can be transformed into stunning living spaces.

Brenda, the owner of this home, is no stranger to living in container homes. We first met her when she was residing in a charming single-container home. She then upgraded to a larger 40ft container home before finally settling into her current residence, which consists of three 20ft containers. Her expertise in designing small spaces has led to innovative solutions, clever use of space, and the incorporation of transforming furniture to maximize the impact of her compact home.


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