Gorgeous Luxury Brand New Tiny Home For Sale Under $50K

The design concept

In order to provide a flexible and versatile living space, DSDhome introduces a smart modular housing solution that is easily assembled, stackable, and aesthetically pleasing. The 88m2 two-story modular house design combines modern and traditional elements, offering a contemporary living space with a cozy outdoor patio. The modules are cleverly arranged in an offset manner, providing convenience and functionality while maintaining a creative and complete design.

The structure of an assembled house measuring 88 square meters.

This 88m2 two-story modular home consists of 25 modules, with the following structure:

  • Living room: Fully furnished with a coffee table, sofa bed, and other decorative items such as round lamps and plant pots.
  • Kitchen: Equipped with upper and lower kitchen cabinets, as well as a spacious dining table for convenient living. Essential accessories such as range hoods, faucets, dish racks, and utensils are also provided.
  • 02 Master bedrooms: Including a bed, mini wardrobe, and bedside table.
  • 02 Guest bedrooms:
  • 02 Bathrooms: Featuring a toilet, standing shower, and shower cabin.




DSDhome’s 88m2 two-story modular home is constructed using premium, safe, and environmentally friendly materials.

  • Steel frame: The steel frame system (1.4mm or 1.8mm) is built with 1m2 modules that can withstand strong forces, providing stability for the structure. The bottom part is covered with anti-corrosion and insect-proof metal sheets.
  • Electrostatic painted sheet / panel sheet / premium 3D wood grain plastic sheet.

Electrostatic painted sheet: This material comes into direct contact with the environment and protects the exterior of the building. Its colorfastness makes it resistant to weathering and maintains the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

Panel sheet: Consisting of three layers and coated with galvanized metal sheets, it has the ability to block UV rays from the sun. The panel sheet can absorb heat from 8 – 20 degrees Celsius, creating a cool space. It also has fire-resistant, soundproof, and long-lasting properties.

3D wood grain plastic sheet: This high-quality coating follows Japanese standards, with a ratio of 60% wood powder, 37% HDPE resin (premium virgin plastic), 3% additives and colors, limiting warping and fading. This is an eco-friendly material that is safe for health and the environment.

  • Mineral wool: 50mm thick insulation material with good thermal and sound insulation properties, environmentally friendly.
  • HDPE waterproof tarpaulin: Helps prevent water leakage for the building. The HDPE membrane is not oxidized by acidic environments and is not corroded by chemicals.
  • Cemboard: Customers can paint it in any color, wallpaper or cover it with wood according to their preferences.
  • Roof: Uses cliplock metal sheets to prevent water from seeping through screw heads, gaps, and grooves. The cliplock metal sheet has twice the water drainage and leakage prevention capacity compared to regular corrugated metal sheets.
  • Glass: Uses tempered glass to create partitions for the building. The design of three glass facades expands the view, enhances living experience, and connects with nature for users.
  • Furniture: The two main materials used for furniture are natural wood and plywood, ensuring health safety.


The simple yet functional design of the 88m2 two-story modular home has made it a popular choice due to its many advantages. This type of home can serve as a vacation residence, a commercial space, or an office, making it versatile and suitable for various purposes. Its compact layout allows for efficient use of space while still providing all necessary amenities.

Price quote


NOTE: The price for a 2-storey 88m2 prefabricated house does not include appliances such as refrigerator, TV, washing machine, air conditioner, electric stove, VAT and transportation fees. Depending on the purpose and needs, DSDhome will install these items according to the investor’s preferences.

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